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Diskless HTPC

  12/14/06 20:35, by Esa, Categories: Hardware

AirStars arrived today - Now this is getting a bit more complicated.

I have now a server linux box (gentoo) running necessary software for it to serve as pxe boot server (dhcp, tftp, nfs). This same server also has 2 DVB-T cards (AirStar2) and runs VDR + xineliboutput (+other plugins) and lircd in connect mode (connects to other computer and listens for remote control events from there).

HTPC in living room is now diskless, I copied over the Ubuntu installation from it's local hdd to the NFS server, made new initrd which supports root filesystem on NFS, configured pxelinux on the server to give the HTPC this kernel & initial ram disk when it requests them. Only downside so far is that booting HTPC takes several minutes, but as it is diskless and only running lircd in server mode and xine when tv is switched on it doesn't really matter. It does not need to be turned off ever.

Let's hope the problems I had were only because of cinergyT2 + VIA mobo don't get along well together.

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