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Streaming doesn't work with lighttpd mod_proxy, with stunnel it does

  08/12/10 17:52, by Esa, Categories: Software

I turned out that lighttpd mod_proxy wants to get the whole response before it starts sending it back to client. A bug has been reported in their trac about it a long time ago.

I don't want to wait for ffmpeg to finish transcoding before the music starts streaming to my phone, so I tried stunnel.

kippo ~ # emerge -av stunnel

If you get errors emerging stunnel about groupadd switch -r not existing, you need to update sys-apps/shadow

kippo ~ # emerge -av shadow

Add your tunnel to /etc/stunnel/stunnel.conf

accept	= 44300
connect =

Start the daemon

kippo ~ # /etc/init.d/stunnel start

Open iSub and now the streaming starts right away. Yay.

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