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Samba (smb,cifs) share from Mac OSX Snow Leopard to Linux

  09/08/10 20:15, by Esa, Categories: Software

If you are trying to mount a directory from OSX with 'Windows sharing' enabled and you have problems with characters not showing properly then your linux system has something else than utf8 in nls_default.

To make it work, simply put something like

// /mnt/music cifs rw,credentials=/etc/credentials,iocharset=utf8 0 0

into your /etc/fstab (the important bit being iocharset=utf8). To avoid having to type plaintext passwords in world readable file (/etc/fstab) you can specify credentials file, which can be readable by only root. Credentials file needs to have two lines in it


All you need to do now is

umount /mnt/music & mount /mnt/music

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