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Keräilyhakukone - combined search for finnish collectible coin selling sites

  11/10/13 17:02, by Esa, Categories: Hardware

It's been a while since I did anything that is actually worth publishing. I recently needed to find a few collectible coins and it was a pain in the *** to search all separate sites, let the images etc load, make notes to compare different sites etc. I thought it would be way faster to find the best prices for what I was looking for if I just made a little tool for it.

So this weekend project is now published:

It's all in finnish, but so are the webshops it searches from. The actual 'how to use the site' doesn't need much explaining (you've seen google right?). It's been tested of recent Safari, Chrome and Firefox on OSX Mavericks. Gotta get my hands on some windows machine to test recent IE as well . I don't have any plans on supporting ancient browsers (seriously, to those IE7 user agents - UPGRADE!).

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