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Reset Kiosk 0.6.1

  09/06/14 02:14, by Esa, Categories: Hardware

Mozilla changed it's policy to not giving fully reviewed status to extensions that default using fullscreen. This caused current and all previous reset kiosk versions to lose the status they already had and drop to preliminary reviewed.

0.6.1 version doesn't bring anything new other than change the default settings when you first install it. If you have used the extension before your settings are untouched.

The exact message I got from mozilla staff was

I'm downgrading this add-on to preliminarily approved, since our current policy is to not give full review to Kiosk add-ons. The add-on should not enter kiosk mode by default and provide an intuitive way to exit kiosk mode in order to be fully reviewed.

I have no idea how to provide more intuitive way to exit fullscreen than what is in place in firefox by default (the dialog asking for permission the first time, giving option not to ask again and telling how to exit). I hope this defaut setting change is enough, but let's see how this 0.6.1 full review process goes.

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