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Category: "Hardware"

Reset Kiosk 0.6.1

  09/06/14 02:14, by Esa, Categories: Hardware
Mozilla changed it's policy to not giving fully reviewed status to extensions that default using fullscreen. This caused current and all previous reset kiosk versions to lose the status and drop to preliminary reviewed. 0.6.1 version doesn't bring… more »

Reset Kiosk 0.6

  07/31/14 02:23, by Esa, Categories: Hardware
Another new version so soon after the previous. - Utilizes Fullscreen API introduced in FF 10 to listen for transitions and adds option to enter back to fullscreen state whenever the browser leaves fullscreen. - Adds option to enter fullscreen without… more »

Reset Kiosk 0.5

  07/27/14 14:53, by Esa, Categories: Hardware
Checked some reviews and feedback from users and made a few changes to the plugin. New version uploaded and awaiting mozilla review - Closes one tab at a time, no more 'closing… more »

Keräilyhaku, added another search section

  11/18/13 18:38, by Esa, Categories: Hardware
Added finnish design glass and ceramics to the search engine. more »

Keräilyhaku v2

  11/14/13 01:28, by Esa, Categories: Hardware
Seems it was a needed service, so it was moved to a separate domain. more »

Keräilyhakukone - combined search for finnish collectible coin selling sites

  11/10/13 17:02, by Esa, Categories: Hardware
It's been a while since I did anything that is actually worth publishing. I recently needed to find a few collectible coins and it was a pain in the *** to search all separate sites, let the images etc load, make notes to compare different sites etc. I… more »

1-wire temperatures with Arduino

  07/27/11 18:47, by Esa, Categories: Hardware, Software
I have used 1-wire temperature sensors (DS18S20) around my house for a few years now. Just recently the home made serial port adapter stopped working and I thought I'd look into replacing it with Arduino. There was already 1-wire library and dallas… more »

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