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Category: "Hardware"

Reset Kiosk 0.3

  08/06/10 13:05, by Esa, Categories: Hardware
Mozilla reviewed Reset Kiosk plugin and requested minor changes which have been implemented in this new version. I had 2 'loose' variables which could potentially cause conflicts with other plugins if they also had the same problem, and used same… more »

LG 1730SF on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

  07/15/10 01:35, by Esa, Categories: Hardware, Software
I went and installed a new machine to control the lobby touchscreen. On the previous installation a few years ago I had to heavily patch kernel modules to support this touchscreen. Now it works almost out of the box. X.Org X Server 1.7.6, kernel… more »


  11/13/08 20:37, by Esa, Categories: Hardware, Software
Here's what the Audio & Video part of the house looks like now (click to enlarge) There are 3 places in the house where we listen to music, theatre room, living room and sauna. Living room has it's own equipment. Theatre equipment handles the… more »

All is good

  02/08/07 09:04, by Esa, Categories: Hardware
It still works . Did some extra watchdog scripts to catch any possible errors that may happen. Now if VDR gets hung without internal watchdog catching it and if process doesn't die it is detected by a watchdog which tries to periodically access svdrp.… more »

New setup has been stable for almost a month now

  01/08/07 07:09, by Esa, Categories: Hardware
It works! It works! No major problems since the new setup was implemented. The boot time for the ubuntu box is now reasonable, I removed all unnecessary bullcrap from init. One interesting point is that my NFS shares (music, movies) has to be mounted… more »

Diskless HTPC

  12/14/06 20:35, by Esa, Categories: Hardware
AirStars arrived today - Now this is getting a bit more complicated. I have now a server linux box (gentoo) running necessary software for it to serve as pxe boot server (dhcp, tftp, nfs). This same server also has 2 DVB-T cards (AirStar2) and runs VDR… more »

Major changes coming soon

  12/11/06 20:16, by Esa, Categories: Hardware
Now it's as stable as it can be, only problems are with Cinergy T2 failing to tune. So I'm getting rid of it. Just ordered 2x Airstar2, going to install a server machine which runs VDR and xineliboutput, the htpc on living room will only be dummy… more »

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