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Category: "Software"

Reset Kiosk 0.4

  08/16/11 22:14, by Esa, Categories: Software
Updated reset kiosk plugin to support firefox 6.0. While it's being in queue for approval in the You can download it here. more »

1-wire temperatures with Arduino

  07/27/11 18:47, by Esa, Categories: Hardware, Software
I have used 1-wire temperature sensors (DS18S20) around my house for a few years now. Just recently the home made serial port adapter stopped working and I thought I'd look into replacing it with Arduino. There was already 1-wire library and dallas… more »

Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx - PXE bootable installation without any bootable media to begin with

  09/21/10 23:22, by Esa, Categories: Software
I have an old Thinkpad, which cannot boot from anything else than over the network using PXE client. I do have server in the lan that can handle PXE clients. A quick summary how to get Lucid Lynx to be served over NFS, using installation CD and USB s… more »

Samba (smb,cifs) share from Mac OSX Snow Leopard to Linux

  09/08/10 20:15, by Esa, Categories: Software
If you are trying to mount a directory from OSX with 'Windows sharing' enabled and you have problems with characters not showing properly then your linux system has something else than utf8 in nls_default. To make it work, simply put something like… more »

iTunes fails to connect to iTunes Store

  09/02/10 16:57, by Esa, Categories: Software
Apple actually introduced a bug in iTunes 9.1, and it still isn't fixed in iTunes 10. Under normal circumstances the bug doesn't matter, but it does if you use dansguardian, possibly others as well. At first I tried to figure out what is wrong with my… more »

Subsonic 4.0.1 web interface over https

  08/13/10 18:52, by Esa, Categories: Software
It works. Kind of. If you try to get to https://yourhost:44300/ you get redirected to http://yourhost:44300/login.view;jsessionid=bla, just change the protocol of that url to https and you'll get login screen. When you login, it once again redirects… more »

Streaming doesn't work with lighttpd mod_proxy, with stunnel it does

  08/12/10 17:52, by Esa, Categories: Software
I turned out that lighttpd mod_proxy wants to get the whole response before it starts sending it back to client. A bug has been reported in their trac about it a long time ago. I don't want to wait for ffmpeg to finish transcoding before the music… more »

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