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Category: "Software"

Subsonic media streamer to iPhone over HTTPS

  08/09/10 19:14, by Esa, Categories: Software
I came across a wonderful media streamer, thanks to a colleague. I use mpd (music player daemon) to play music around the house, but I was really missing a way to stream it all to my phone. Subsonic supports streaming with on the fly transcoding using… more »

Reset Kiosk 0.2

  07/20/10 12:01, by Esa, Categories: Software
Just released a new version with the ability to reuse existing homepage tab without reloading it. Homepage url will be matched from the beginning, so parameters on the page can change. It should be available from as soon as I figure… more »

Firefox plugin to reset browser

  07/17/10 05:32, by Esa, Categories: Software
The old hack to reset browser based on xscreensaver screenblanking and a piece of perl to watch it was too ugly to use on the new installation. So here is simple firefox plugin which does basically the same thing without wasting resources. It simply… more »

LG 1730SF on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

  07/15/10 01:35, by Esa, Categories: Hardware, Software
I went and installed a new machine to control the lobby touchscreen. On the previous installation a few years ago I had to heavily patch kernel modules to support this touchscreen. Now it works almost out of the box. X.Org X Server 1.7.6, kernel… more »


  11/13/08 20:37, by Esa, Categories: Hardware, Software
Here's what the Audio & Video part of the house looks like now (click to enlarge) There are 3 places in the house where we listen to music, theatre room, living room and sauna. Living room has it's own equipment. Theatre equipment handles the… more »

Diskless setup details

  11/16/07 10:06, by Esa, Categories: Software
Someone from Slashdot googled this site and didn't find enough details on my setup, so here it goes. The client part used to be just a regular ubuntu install on a local hdd, to make it boot over NFS all that had to be done on client side was to create… more »

Reset browser

  11/03/07 01:54, by Esa, Categories: Software
Just a quick&dirty hack to reset browser on my wall mounted touchscreen whenever the screen is blanked. #!/usr/bin/perl my $blanked = 0; open (IN, "xscreensaver-command -watch |"); while (&ltIN&gt) { if (m/^(BLANK|LOCK)/) {… more »

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